The Permanent Representative of Belarus called on the UN to respond to discrimination against Russian-speakers

MINSK, July 5 – RIA Novosti. Permanent Representative of Belarus to the UN Office in Geneva Larisa Belskaya called on the organization to respond to the facts of discrimination against Belarusians and Russians in a number of Western countries, the press service of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry said.
According to the agency, Belskaya made this statement while participating in a discussion with the special rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism during the 50th session of the Human Rights Council.

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“Belarus urged the Special Rapporteur to objectively and impartially evaluate these processes (discrimination and Russophobia – ed.) and respond most resolutely to facts of discrimination against Belarusians and Russians, to seek the restoration of their rights,” the message says.
It is noted that the Belarusian diplomat drew attention to the large-scale discrimination in the EU countries of Russian-speaking citizens, including Belarusians, in various areas of life – in movement, education, culture, sports, healthcare, finance. Belskaya noted that the encouragement of Russophobia and the sanctions obsession of Western politicians contribute to the incitement of an inter-civilizational conflict in Europe.
“The Permanent Representative of Belarus drew the Special Rapporteur’s attention to the fact that in a number of Western and other countries, these processes are developing with dangerous encouragement at the state level of the activities of paramilitary groups that preach interethnic and racial hatred, the ideology of neo-Nazism,” the press service added.

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