Russia and Belarus are not blackmailing anyone with nuclear weapons, Lukashenko said

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MINSK, July 2 – RIA Novosti. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin are not blackmailing anyone with the topic of nuclear weapons.
“To the last negotiations with the President of Russia… This is not nuclear blackmail. The President of Russia and I are not going to blackmail anyone, especially with nuclear weapons,” Lukashenka said on Saturday at a solemn meeting on the eve of Belarus’ Independence Day.

Lukashenko said that he is personally responsible for all decisions of Minsk

He stressed that this topic appeared after “the Poles turned to the Americans and asked them to bring them nuclear weapons to Poland.” “I told the President of Russia: why are we pretending that nothing is happening? We consulted for a long time and came to the conclusion that we must be ready to respond mirror to them within a day. To do this, we need to prepare, and we will prepare. We will we do not threaten, we do not blackmail anyone,” Lukashenka stressed.
Lukashenka recalled how, after the collapse of the USSR, nuclear weapons were withdrawn from Belarus to Russia, and stressed that “it was not Lukashenka who made the decision,” but he had to fulfill the agreements of the previous leadership of the country.
“We gave our weapons there (to Russia – ed.), and today I have the right to ask and demand from the president of fraternal Russia to make them afraid to cross the state border of the Republic of Belarus. Which I did,” Lukashenka said.

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Lukashenka ordered to target decision-making centers against Minsk

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