Israel reports interception of three “enemy” drones over the Mediterranean Sea

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TEL AVIV, July 2 – RIA Novosti. The Israeli army reported the interception of three “enemy drones” over the Mediterranean Sea, UAVs were intercepted from the ships of the Navy.
“Three enemy unmanned aerial vehicles approaching Israeli airspace in Israeli economic waters were intercepted. The interception was made from Navy missile ships,” the military said in a statement. It is noted that surveillance systems detected the UAV at an early stage and intercepted at the most “suitable operational point”.
A preliminary investigation shows that the drones did not pose a real threat throughout the flight, the military said.
It became known that the UAVs were launched from Lebanese territory and belonged to the Hezbollah group. The drones were heading towards Israel’s Karish natural gas field. Two UAVs were intercepted from missile ships guarding Israeli waters, and this was the first interception carried out from missile corvettes that entered service with the IDF in the past two years. One of the drones was shot down by an F16 fighter.

Israel launches missile strikes on Syrian province of Tartus

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