The Federation Council compared the European Union with a prison yard

MOSCOW, June 24 – RIA Novosti. The European Union is increasingly reminiscent of a “prison courtyard” for the peoples of continental Europe, left without their own sovereignty, traditional values, freedom of speech, said Andrey Klimov, head of the Federation Council commission for the protection of state sovereignty of the Russian Federation.
“While in Britain, the largest railroad strike in the 21st century due to the level of English life due to the fault of the anti-Russian government of (Boris) Johnson, in Brussels, to the applause of the Russophobic European Parliament, the remnants of the former Ukrainian SSR are accepted as a candidate member of another “indestructible” union – the European Union (from which Britain recently scandalously escaped),” the politician wrote in his Telegram channel.

Europe makes another attempt to push its borders to the east

At the same time, Georgia turned out to be offended, which also aspired to join the EU, was also in their Eastern Partnership for 12 years, also changed power through an unconstitutional pro-American coup d’état, also severed diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation, but did not become a candidate for EU membership, the senator added.
But in addition to Ukraine, the United States launched Moldova into the “dressing room of Eurovassals”, “probably hoping to donate its lands to Romania and strangle the pro-Russian Transnistria,” the legislator noted. He recalled that against this background, Beijing heard a comparison of the West with the courtyard of a house fenced off from the world by a high fence.
“I would supplement this image with one more – a prison yard. After all, the current European Union is more and more like a prison of the peoples of continental Europe, left without their own sovereignty, traditional values, freedom of speech, doomed to bleat “with one voice” under the supervision of US satraps who betrayed their own peoples, ” Klimov emphasized. Now, European taxpayers must still participate in other people’s bloody wars, suffer because of the whims of American puppets, risk their future and the future of their children for the sake of the ambitions of cynical overseas puppeteers, the parliamentarian concluded.

Blockade of Kaliningrad. What can Lithuania get in return?

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