Philippine authorities want to launch a sea trade route to Vladivostok

MOSCOW, June 23 – RIA Novosti. The Philippines is working on launching a sea trade route from the island of Mindanao to Vladivostok, Philippine Ambassador to Russia Igor Bailen said in an interview with RIA Novosti.
According to him, because of the anti-Russian sanctions of the West, “difficult times have come for exporters from the Philippines, who have faced logistical problems due to delays in container traffic.”

The Philippines is waiting for Russian tourists, said the ambassador

“But we expect that these difficulties will lead to the development of alternative routes – for example, the sea route to the ports of Vladivostok. We remain a friendly country, so trade relations can continue. Yes, there are difficulties, but we are becoming more creative in overcoming them,” he explained. ambassador.
He noted that the launch of a sea route between the island of Mindanao in the south of the Philippine archipelago and Vladivostok is one of the projects that the new administration of the Philippines will work on after the inauguration of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. at the end of June.
“He recently met with the Russian ambassador in Manila, Marat Pavlov. I don’t know if the prospect of creating a new sea route from Mindanao to Vladivostok was discussed at their meeting, but our diplomatic mission in Moscow will continue to insist on the implementation of this project. I think this is necessary both for exporters from the Philippines, and for imports from Russia,” the ambassador said.
He stressed that “Russia is also an Asian country, and it is very important that the Russian Asian, eastern flank develops, and we, for our part, will help.” The diplomat stressed that after the opening of the sea route, the number of trade operations between the countries will increase.

Philippine Ambassador assured that Russian charters will not be arrested in the country

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