Dog trapped in airport for 20 days for not having a microchip will not be returned to tutors – ANDA

Photo: Reproduction | Personal archive

The poodle Luno, born in Ecuador, was kept in conditions similar to abuse for 20 days at Adolfo Suárez Airport in Madrid. The puppy went to Spain with its owners, but was held there for not having a microchip. Luno was kept inside a transport box at all times and could only be visited by his tutor, Andrea Torres, once a day for just 10 minutes.

Andrea says that before buying the tickets to Madrid, she was informed that the puppy would only need the vaccination card and a veterinary certificate stating the absence of infectious diseases. Luno will be sent today to the Centro Integrado de Acolhimento Animal de Madrid (CIAAM), where he will be quarantined pending a court decision.

Photo: Reproduction | Personal archive

The little dog has been trapped in a cage since March 13. The tutor was embarrassed and prevented from taking pictures of the puppy with her cell phone. The Animalist Party Against Animal Mistreatment (PACMA) used its social media to repudiate the case and provide updates on Luno’s fate. “We have to wait for the court’s decision, which we don’t know how long it will take.”

Editor’s Note: It is regrettable that the airport administration has chosen to leave the puppy scared, stressed, alone and in a situation of extreme discomfort because of a microchip that could have been quickly implanted by public or private agencies. This violates animal rights, is vexing for tutors and a real setback.

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