Pushkov issued a warning to Europe “fascinated by Ukraine”

MOSCOW, June 18 – RIA Novosti. Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on reports of an abnormal heat wave approaching Europe.
“The Euroleaders, who are carried away by Ukraine, have forgotten that a much more powerful and serious crisis is coming, in comparison with which the fate of remote territories in the south-east of Europe will cease to have any meaning for 99% of Europeans at all. Like most of what Europe now worries about. But Western capitals have long lost their sense of real threats,” Pushkov wrote on his Telegram channel.

Media: Europe began to spend gas stored for the winter

On Friday, World Meteorological Organization spokeswoman Claire Nullis said that European countries were hit by a severe heat wave, with temperatures up to 10 degrees above average in parts of Spain and France.
Aleksey Kokin, Otkritie Investitsiya’s chief oil and gas analyst, told the Prime agency that a hot summer could increase demand for gas in Europe and lead to an increase in supplies from Russia, especially since it is necessary to continue filling European UGS facilities.
According to some forecasts, this year the heat may be higher than usual. Therefore, the reduction in Russian gas supplies will provoke problems with water, failures in supplies and production processes, a threat to the health and life of people who cannot withstand high temperatures, the agency’s interlocutor added.
Earlier, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the reduction in gas supplies to a number of European countries is due to the fact that Siemens turbines, which were used to supply gas to Nord Stream, are not returning from repairs from Canada.

Canada announces talks with Germany on equipment for Nord Stream

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