China is secretly building an outpost in the Indo-Pacific region, media writes

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MOSCOW, June 7 – RIA Novosti. China is secretly building a naval facility in Cambodia for use by its military, the Washington Post reported, citing unnamed Western officials.
According to officials, this is a facility “in the northern part of the Cambodian naval base of Ream in the Gulf of Thailand.” This week will be the laying of the foundation of the object. According to the publication, both China and Cambodia deny this information and take “extraordinary measures to cover up the operation.”
According to the Washington Post, the construction of a Chinese naval base in Cambodia is part of Beijing’s strategy to build a network of military installations around the world in support of its aspirations to become a true world power.
According to the newspaper, the base in Cambodia will be the second Chinese military outpost located outside China, but the first in the strategically important Indo-Pacific region. So far, Beijing’s only foreign military base is located in Djibouti in East Africa.

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“Having a facility capable of receiving large ships west of the South China Sea will be an important element of China’s desire to expand its influence in the region and strengthen the country’s presence near key shipping lanes in Southeast Asia,” officials and analysts said.
“The bottom line is that China wants to become so powerful that the region succumbs to its leadership, rather than face the consequences,” one official said.
In 2019, the Wall Street Journal reported on the existence of a secret agreement between Cambodia and China on the use of the Cambodian naval base by the Chinese armed forces for 30 years. A Cambodian government spokesman later called the information “the worst example of fake news.” A Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman also denied the reports, calling them false rumors.

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