Russia and China vetoed the US project on sanctions against the DPRK

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UN, May 27 – RIA Novosti. Russia and China have vetoed in the United Nations Security Council a draft US resolution on strengthening sanctions against the DPRK, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.
13 members of the UN Security Council voted for the adoption of the document.
The resolution stated that the Security Council condemns in the strongest possible terms the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile carried out by the DPRK on March 24, as well as a series of other recent ballistic missile tests in North Korea.
The draft referred to the text of Resolution 2397 of 2017, which stated that if the DPRK conducts a new nuclear test or launch of a ballistic missile capable of delivering a charge to intercontinental range, or a test leading to the development of such a missile, the Security Council will take measures to further restrict oil exports to North Korea.
The authors of the resolution blocked today proposed to reduce the volume of allowed supplies of crude oil to Pyongyang. If before that the UN Security Council allowed four million barrels, or 525,000 tons of crude oil to be supplied to North Korea during the year, then the current project has reduced this volume to three million barrels, or 393,750 tons.
Previously, the Security Council allowed the export of up to 500,000 barrels of oil products per year to the DPRK (including diesel fuel and kerosene) per year (including diesel fuel and kerosene), but the new document proposed to reduce the volume to 375,000 barrels or 46,875 tons.

China would consider it useful to lift some of the sanctions against the DPRK, said the envoy of the People’s Republic of China

If the resolution were adopted, North Korea would have to stop the export of mineral fuels, petroleum products and products of their distillation, bituminous substances, mineral wax, watches and spare parts for them. All states should have banned the purchase of these items from the DPRK.
The text also stated that all UN member states must stop the direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer of all tobacco and tobacco products to North Korea. In addition, the draft resolution prohibited the purchase from the DPRK or the facilitation of the purchase of services related to information and communication technologies.
In addition, the text proposed an asset freeze and a travel ban on Kim Soo Il. The authors claim that this is “a representative of the Department of Military Industry, located in Vietnam, who oversees the development of ballistic missiles in the DPRK.”
The drafters of the resolution also called for the freezing of the assets of the North Korean cyber structure Lazarus Group and two companies: Korea Namgang Trading Corporation and Haegumgang Trading Corporation.

Nebenzya says new sanctions against North Korea are useless

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