Greek Coast Guard rescues 21 migrants at sea

ATHENS, May 22 – RIA Novosti. The Greek Coast Guard said it had rescued 21 migrants at sea near the island of Rhodes.
The operation to detect and rescue 21 foreigners who were on an inflatable boat in the sea area northeast of Rhodes was coordinated by the Unified Search and Rescue Coordination Center, the security service said.

11 dead in shipwreck with migrants off Greek coast

All migrants were taken on board and safely delivered to the port of Rhodes.
The Skai TV channel reported that the search for migrants began after one of them called for help on the European number 112. The operation took place in difficult conditions – northwest winds blowing in the sea with a force of 6 on the Beaufort scale, the channel said.
Most illegal migrants arrive in Greece by sea from Turkey. Athens accuses Turkey of using migrants as a tool in politics, while Ankara and international human rights organizations claim that Greece violates international humanitarian law and uses force against migrants and refugees.

243 migrants rescued in Pas de Calais between England and France

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Disclaimer: Via RIA Novosti – Checked

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