Ryabkov told about the work on the text on the restoration of the JCPOA

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MOSCOW, May 16 – RIA Novosti. The text of the document on the restoration of the JCPOA is in a high degree of readiness, in the event of a political decision by the parties, the nuclear deal can be restored as soon as possible, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said.
“The document is in a high degree of readiness for adoption. And the remaining problems are political, they are not related to finalizing the text. Everything that is required in terms of polishing the document itself can be done literally within a few days,” Ryabkov told reporters.

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He noted that, as it was repeatedly stated, “the Russian Federation worked for the result and from the point of view of ensuring our interests, including in the light of peaceful nuclear energy cooperation with Iran, the existing text suits us quite well.”
“From our point of view, there is no need to “twist” anything there. Therefore, if representatives of the US administration say that an agreement is not within reach, it means that they are broadcasting the results of some of their discussions. But we take note of this. Although, on the other hand, according to Iranian sources and signals that came in the light of the results of the recent visit to Tehran by Deputy Head of the European Foreign Service Enrique Moro, I cannot say that something has changed. very quickly, if political decisions in the capitals are in favor of this. We would welcome this,” Ryabkov added.

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