The Immortal Regiment campaign was held at the Russian Embassy in Japan

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TOKYO, May 4 – RIA Novosti. The action “Immortal Regiment” was held at the Russian Embassy in Japan, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

“Today, we are all here at the call of our hearts with photographs of relatives who participated in the war, fought on the fronts, forged victory in the rear. Our common victory, achieved at the cost of the incredible selfless efforts of all the peoples of the Soviet Union. Both then and now, the Nazis set out to erase our homeland from the political map of the world. Then it was not possible, now it is not possible and will not succeed, no matter how the West tries to strangle our country with the help of sanctions,” said the head of the diplomatic mission in Tokyo, Mikhail Galuzin.

The memory of the fallen was honored with a minute of silence.
About 300 people took part in the action this year, according to the organizers. Last year, due to the pandemic, the Immortal Regiment was held online. Together with Russian Ambassador Mikhail Galuzin, the column was headed by the ambassadors of Belarus and Kazakhstan.
As part of the event, an open-air concert was held, in which the Rossiyanka ensemble of the Richard Sorge School at the Russian Embassy in Japan, as well as the performer of the Russian patriotic song Dzyuichiro Shinohara, took part. There was also a field kitchen on the territory of the diplomatic mission, where everyone was treated to fruit drinks and buckwheat porridge – delicacies almost inaccessible in the eastern country.

The Russians will hold an action “Immortal Regiment” in Uruguay

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