Russia warns of a possible attack by the Ukrainian military against the reservoir dam in Márganets | News

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The head of Russia’s National Center for Defense Management, Mikhail Mizintsev, warned this Saturday that the Ukrainian military is preparing an attack on a reservoir dam located in the city of Márganets, and then blames Moscow for the attack. in sequence:

Russia destroys 389 Ukrainian targets in 24 hours

“In the city of Marganets, Dnepropetrovs region, militants of the Ukrainian armed formations mined the dam of the Nikolaev reservoir, which the nationalists themselves plan to blow up, blaming this on alleged advance units of Russian troops,” Mizintsev denounced.

The Russian military authority warned of the situation because in the event of the dam being blown up, a health tragedy would be triggered, since floods would be generated which would bring infectious diseases and the water supply in the area would be cut off.

“The dam is a life support system for the population, such as sewage, water supply, wastewater treatment plants that use chemical substances (…) it would be affected as a result of the flood,” explained the Russian military officer.

At the same time, Mizintsev stressed that the Ukrainian authorities are not ready to move towards a dialogue that leads to peace, “kyiv continues to prepare monstrous and ruthless provocations with the massive destruction of civilians to further accuse the Russian Armed Forces,” he said. .

Mizíntsev also denounced that the citizens of Márganets who have pro-Russian opinions are subjected to torture by the Ukrainian military and nationalist groups, “dozens of detainees have not returned to their homes and their fate is unknown,” he said.

“Since March 2, the Russian Federation has already delivered 16,805.9 tons of basic goods, food, medicine and medical supplies to Ukraine, carried out 941 humanitarian actions, including eight humanitarian actions in the Donetsk People’s Republic region day by day, during which 316.8 tons of humanitarian aid were transferred to the civilian population,” Mizintsev explained about the balance of the humanitarian corridors.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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