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South Korea and the United States began combined military tactical maneuvers on Monday. The Pyongyang government describes these exercises as rehearsals for war and denounces that they distance the possibility of holding dialogues. in sequence:

Kim Jong-un oversees test of new North Korean tactical weapon

The exercise consists of “defensive command post training using computer simulation” and will not involve field maneuvers by troops, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Sunday.

“The Republic of Korea (official name of South Korea) and the United States have decided to hold their Combined Command Post Training (CCPT) for the first half of 2022 for 9 days starting on April 18. “, he explained.

North Korea issued a statement saying the moves by its southern neighbor and the United States are aimed at carrying out a preemptive nuclear strike against Pyongyang.

He warned that it is not ruled out that a fortuitous confrontation will give rise to an all-out war. The North Korean authorities have repeatedly demanded the cancellation of the maneuvers, since, according to what they argue, they constitute a sign of the hostile policy of Seoul and Washington.

These maneuvers coincide with the arrival in Seoul of the United States special representative for North Korea, Sung Kim.

Seoul and Washington will respond “responsibly and decisively” to Pyongyang’s provocative acts, while expressing concerns about its “escalating acts,” Kim warned.

Kim made the remarks during his meeting with his South Korean counterpart, Noh Kyu-duk, to discuss North Korea’s tests of suspected tactical guided missiles over the weekend and an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) over the month. previous.

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