The powers of the head of Kazakhstan are planned to be limited until the end of the year

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ALMA-ATA, April 18 – RIA Novosti. The political reforms initiated by the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, aimed at abandoning the super-presidential form of government, are planned to be legalized by the end of this year, said Minister of Justice of the Republic Kanat Musin.
Tokayev on March 16, in a message to the people, announced the upcoming political reforms. In particular, he spoke in favor of a final transition from a super-presidential form of government to a presidential republic with a strong parliament. To this end, Tokayev proposes to reduce the excessive concentration of presidential powers.

Tokayev proposed to establish a Constitutional Court in Kazakhstan

“In order to implement the voiced initiatives, it will be necessary to amend the constitutional law “On the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan” and a number of other laws. The introduction of the relevant bills for consideration by the parliament is scheduled for August this year, and their adoption by the end of this year,” he said at a press conference. conference on Monday.
Musin also noted that a block of amendments is planned to be introduced to the constitution, they are aimed at reviewing the president’s powers and introducing additional restrictions related to being the head of state during his term.

A video of the arrest of a spy who was preparing an assassination attempt on Tokayev appeared on the Web

The head of the Ministry of Justice recalled that Tokayev proposed to establish a ban on the membership of the head of state in political parties for the period of the presidency. Similar requirements will apply to chairmen and members of the Central Election Commission, the Accounts Committee and the Constitutional Council, heads of regions and their deputies.
In addition, Tokayev initiated the establishment at the constitutional level of a ban on close relatives of the head of state holding leadership positions in state and quasi-state structures. A number of other Tokayev’s proposals are aimed at reducing the participation of the head of state in the formation of the upper house of parliament, limiting his influence on local representative and executive bodies. “Summarizing, we can say that the planned reforms concerning the powers of the president will contribute to the development of political competition and culture, the development of independence of the regions, the formation of personnel competition in the state apparatus,” the minister concluded.

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