In Germany, the ambassador of Ukraine was convicted of spreading conspiracy theories

MOSCOW, April 17 – RIA Novosti. Former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel criticized Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk for “spreading conspiracy theories” after accusing German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Der Spiegel writes.
Earlier, a Ukrainian diplomat said that Steinmeier had for many years “created a web of contacts” with Russia, which the current government also supports.
“Such a comparison implies that the former Chancellery and the Minister of Foreign Affairs helped lobby Russia’s interests in Germany. This is not true,” Gabriel explained.
The Ukrainian ambassador is known for his undiplomatic remarks. So, he repeatedly demanded that Berlin provide Kiev with weapons, made claims that the European Union did not move forward on the issue of the embargo on Russian energy carriers, and admitted that he considers all Russians to be enemies.

Scholz expressed bewilderment over Kyiv’s refusal to accept Steinmeier

This week, a petition appeared on the Web calling for the expulsion of a diplomat from Germany. According to the author of the initiative, his statements to the Germans are ungrateful and groundless, and the fulfillment of his demands related to the situation in Ukraine would lead to an intensification of the economic crisis.

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