Vučić explained Serbia’s position on Russia’s membership in the HRC

BELGRADE, April 9 – RIA Novosti. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic thanked Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov for understanding why Serbia voted to suspend Russia’s participation in the UN Human Rights Council, and the EU leadership to exclude Belgrade from restrictions on oil supplies.
On April 7, the UN General Assembly voted to suspend Russia’s participation in the HRC due to the events in Ukraine. Serbia, among others, supported the resolution. The decision deprived the Russian Federation of the right to vote and the right to speak in the council. In response, Russia announced that it was terminating its powers in the HRC. Vučić said on the night of April 8 that Belgrade voted for Russia’s withdrawal from the UNHRC because of the threat of sanctions against Serbia itself, primarily with regard to oil supplies to the country, since the Oil Industry of Serbia is 65.15% owned by Gazprom oil”. Peskov then pointed out that all countries that take a balanced position on the issue of Russia’s membership in the UNHRC are under pressure, they are forced into Russophobia.

Russophobia is rapidly progressing in the West, the Foreign Ministry said

“You ask me how I react to the fact that Mr. Peskov was correct. And you name a country in Europe that has not imposed sanctions on Russia. And even not like that. Name a country in Europe whose planes have only been from this country for 45 days fly to Moscow and St. Petersburg. One small country and the previously destroyed airline of one proud people. What country is this? Ours,” Vucic said at a briefing on Saturday evening.
According to him, his job as president is to defend Serbia, and he is ready to “swallow the toads” (endure reproaches) so that the people can hold their head, their pride and dignity high.
“I want to watch how factories are built, how this country lives, at the same time show our morality and show that we do not turn our backs on friends in the first difficult situation. If you think that I should participate in this and rejoice at the sanctions against Serbia, I can’t,” Vucic said.

China appreciated the courage of Vučić after the recognition of threats from the West

He again thanked Peskov, as well as the head of the European Council Charles Michel, the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the EU delegation to Serbia Emmanuel Jofre, who “after a big struggle in Brussels, gave us the opportunity to be excluded from the sanctions and use the Adriatic oil pipeline (JANAF)”.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy of Serbia Zorana Mihajlovic said the day before that the supply of raw materials to Serbia for the Oil Industry of Serbia (NIS, 65.15% owned by Gazprom Neft) would not be banned with the introduction on May 15 of a new package of restrictive EU measures against Russia.
The state-owned operator of the JANAF oil pipeline, which delivers raw materials for NIS through Croatia, announced earlier that it had suspended pumping from May 15 for an indefinite period until the end of sanctions due to events in Ukraine. In January, NIS signed a new annual contract with JANAF for 3.2 million tons.
In an address to citizens on March 2, Vučić said that the Serbian authorities supported 4 of the 13 points of the UN resolution condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine – those that do not involve sanctions and the alienation of property of Russian companies in the country. According to him, the crisis due to the hostilities in Ukraine is having a dramatic impact on Serbia, which has come under enormous foreign political pressure.

Foreign Minister explained why the Congo was against the exclusion of Russia from the UNHRC

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