The Embassy in the United States called on the Secretary General of the OAS to stop the “rabid persecution” of Russia

WASHINGTON, April 6 – RIA Novosti. The statement by Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Luis Almagro with insinuations about Ukraine and the idea to deprive the Russian Federation of observer status in the OAS testify to the biased approaches of the official and his participation in the “rabid persecution” of Russia, the Russian Embassy in the United States said.
“Almagro prefers to remain in captivity of the anti-Russian hysteria pumped up by the Western media, to draw far-reaching conclusions based on outright fakes and insinuations that are not supported by evidence,” the embassy’s Telegram channel said in a statement.
“Such statements are yet another evidence of the official’s biased Russophobic approaches, which he is diligently trying to present as a solidarity position of all member countries of the Organization,” the commentary notes.
The Russian Embassy believes that the Secretary General of the OAS “once again showed himself as a opportunist, acting on the orders of his masters from Washington.” “He joined the frantic persecution of Russia and everything connected with it. He saddled the idea of ​​​​ending our activities in the OAS as an observer. Apparently, he is counting on retaining his position, despite the fact that the rejection of his policy is increasingly felt in the Latin American diplomatic corps” , the message says.
“It’s time to pull Almagro down and force him to stop trying to create new dividing lines in the region in the spirit of the notorious Monroe Doctrine. In his post, the Secretary General should focus on addressing issues that are really important for the countries of the Western Hemisphere, including migration, post-COVID economic recovery, the fight against organized crime and The politicization of the OAS agenda is fraught with undermining the authority of this respected multilateral structure,” the embassy said.

US senators call for Russia to be stripped of permanent observer status at OAS

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