Ministry of Health launches Brazilian Clinical Research Network this Wednesday (28) — Português (Brasil)

The Brazilian Clinical Research Network (RBPClin) is an articulation and consultancy body aimed at strengthening clinical research in the country. The decree that officially creates this network was published in the Official Gazette this December and the launch ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday (28), at 10 am. This is a strategic action by the Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and Education (MEC).

The initiative, centralized in the Department of Science and Technology (SCTIE/MS) provides strategies for the qualification of researchers and health professionals, contributing to the improvement of the Unified Health System (SUS) and to the health and living conditions of the Brazilian population. .

According to the Pasta, the RBPClin represents a breakthrough for scientific, technological and innovation development in health and intends to provide a participatory and favorable environment for the development of clinical research of excellence, with intersectoral articulation and technical-scientific cooperation between the different institutions and organizations. , in order to make Brazil more attractive and competitive in the global research scenario.

The construction of RBPClin meets an action foreseen in axis 5 of the Clinical Research Action Plan in Brazil. In this scenario, the Ministry of Health carried out articulation with bodies and entities of the federal, state, district or municipal public administration that develop actions related to the theme; international health institutions and organizations; clinical research centers; ethics committees in human research; associations of researchers, health professionals and patients; higher education institutions and pharmaceutical industries, Clinical Research Representative Organizations (CROs) and associations.

With the consultancy collaboration of the Better Health Program Brazil (BHP-B)/Prosperity Fund, a British Government Cooperation fund, similar network models, governance formats, best practices for knowledge sharing and training were identified and discussed. Thus, the Health department in Brazil carried out a diagnosis of the clinical research environment; the definition of the Network’s mission, vision, scope of action and objectives and the design of the RBPClin’s governance structure, in alignment with the MCTI and the MEC.


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