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With the objective of being a gateway to the services of the Unified Health System (SUS) in a digital way, the Federal Government launched, in August 2020, the ConnectSUS application, aimed at citizens. The tool allows the user to manage his health, in the palm of his hand, following the clinical history, results of laboratory tests for Covid-19 and Mpox, records of medicines dispensed by the SUS and still have access to the Digital Vaccine Card, among other features. More than 36 million downloads have been made to date.

Through the application or web access, it is possible to check the proof of vaccination against Covid-19, with the dates of each application, and to know if it is time to take the booster doses. More than 486 million immunization records were sent to the National Health Data Network (RNDS).

The new version of ConectaSUS Cidadão, updated in November 2022, provides the Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate recognized by the European Union. The document issued by the application allows access and circulation in the countries of the block that still require proof of vaccination.

In addition to the proof of immunization, the platform will soon also make it possible to issue an Electronic Prescription in Primary Health Care. The measure allows citizens to have access to medical prescriptions at any time, as registered and sent in the National Health Data Network (RNDS). This evolution aims to complement the patient’s medical record, giving citizens access to yet another document in their personal possession in a digital and practical way.

In addition to the ConectaSUS Cidadão, the Ministry of Health launched, in July 2021, the ConectaSUS Professional, a platform aimed at health professionals, which allows the visualization of the patient’s clinical history, with prior authorization. The platform is part of the implementation of the Digital Health Strategy for Brazil 2020-2028 (ESD28) and allows the unification of data in the Single Citizen’s Record.

Currently, Brazil has more than 32,800 Basic Health Units (UBS) computerized, of which 2,605 are able to access the Professional ConnectSUS through the Citizen’s Electronic Record (PEC e-SUS), a system linked to the RNDS.

DataSUS continues to work to integrate all UBSs, carrying out ConnectSUS Program Expansion Workshops in the Brazilian states, with the aim of disseminating the program’s axes, the use of the RNDS, in addition to providing support to municipalities regarding the flow of accreditation to the platform.

How to register

Registering with ConectaSUS Cidadão is simple: the user must download the application from the Android or iOS stores, or through the website🇧🇷 Login to the app is done through the single access of the Federal Government (

Ministry of Health

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