agreement between Brazil and England, made in record time, allowed protection of Brazilians against Covid-19 — Português (Brasil)

February 2022. The month represents a milestone in the National Immunization Program (PNI): the release of the first batch of Covid-19 vaccines with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (IFA) from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz). In addition to promoting Brazilian self-sufficiency in the production of immunizers, the delivery ratified the purpose defended in the last four years by this administration, which is to strengthen the health industrial complex.

“Fiocruz is a heritage of our country and has a tradition in the production of vaccines that are used in our PNI. We invested BRL 1.9 billion in the technological order of a safe, effective vaccine with surprising results”, highlights the Minister of Health , Marcelo Queiroga.

The IFA is what can be called the soul of the vaccine. The input is the main component of the immunizer. It causes the immunized organism to start preparing its defenses against an invading microorganism. Hence the importance of the product.

In 2022, until November, around 12 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines with national API were delivered by Fiocruz to the Ministry of Health. Another approximately 4 million await release for bottling and will be added to the National Immunization Program. In all, this year, Fiocruz delivered almost 58 million doses of vaccines against the coronavirus.

According to Fiocruz, the partnership with the Federal Government brought, above all, economic benefits by reducing the need for imports, in addition to the vaccine being one of the lowest cost, with a value of US$ 5.27 per dose, which contributes to – also defended by this administration – the sustainability of the Unified Health System (SUS).

Transactions like the one made by the current management with the British government are considered highly complex and usually take 5 to 10 years to complete. However, faced with the health emergency, Brazil completed this process in record time.

The Fiocruz laboratory facilities received the Technical-Operational Conditions (CTO), as well as the Good Manufacturing Practices (CBPF) certificate for the production of the API, still in April 2021, granted by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa ). The production of the first batches of the API began in July 2021 and, since then, the API has been produced at Fiocruz headquarters, in Bio-Manguinhos.

In addition, the country becomes not only a producer of the vaccine against the disease, but also an exporter of the vaccine, which supports the Vaccination Campaigns against Covid-19 and helps other countries, such as those in Latin America, in the face of the pandemic. .

Ministry of Health

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