R$ 1.5 million has already been released for the implementation of telemarketing in remote rural regions of ten states — Português (Brasil)

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Computerization of teams working in Primary Health Care throughout Brazil. This is the objective of the UBS Digital project, created in June this year and which has already released R$ 1.5 million for the implementation of the pilot project in ten states. The idea is to expand the use of technological resources, such as electronic medical records, computers and the internet, encouraging the implementation of call center services.

The action will enable support to all municipalities classified as remote rural areas, according to the typology established by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). The pilot project lasts for 18 months and the following health units may be indicated:

  • that have a Family Health team (eSF) or a Primary Care team (eAP) approved by the Ministry of Health and active in the National Register of Health Establishments System – SCNES;
  • that have the eSF and eAP approved in the Informatiza APS Program;
  • who work at least 40 hours a week;
  • that have medical professionals and/or nurses throughout their working hours;
  • that have at least one administrative professional at the UBS to organize the flow between conventional and telehealth care.

Thus, from a universe of 323 municipalities qualified to access the resource, 102 submitted a proposal and, of these, 43 fulfilled all the criteria that provide access to the investment.

The selected municipalities will receive a federal financial incentive in the amount of R$ 20,000. In addition, an additional monthly amount will be transferred by eSF and eAP linked to the UBS participating in the pilot project, in the amount of R$ 700 reais during the 18 months of validity.

The total funding for the structuring of the 43 UBS approved will be R$ 977.6 thousand reais for the year 2022 and R$ 470.4 thousand for the year 2023.

The states that will receive the transfer of the amount are Amazonas (R$ 62 thousand), Bahia (R$ 61 thousand), Minas Gerais (R$ 122 thousand), Mato Grosso do Sul (R$ 91,500), Mato Grosso (R$ 305 thousand), Pará (R$ 112.5 thousand), Pernambuco (R$ 30.5 thousand), Piauí (R$ 315.5 thousand), Rio Grande do Sul (R$ 30.5 thousand) and Tocantins (R$ 317.5 thousand).

Computerizes APS

One of the prerequisites to participate in the UBS Digital pilot project is approval in the Informatiza APS Program, which is part of the Ministry of Health‘s digital health strategy, ConectaSUS.

The Support Program for Computerization and Qualification of Primary Health Care Data – Informatiza APS, was established in 2019 and aims to support the computerization of health units and the qualification of Primary Health Care data across the country.

Ministry of Health

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