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To provide more transparency to supplementary health services in the country, the Ministry of Health and the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) prepared a document with proposals aimed at optimizing health services in Brazil – the so-called Open Health model. This advance was created in 2022 and aims to stimulate competition and promote greater quality in access to contracting health plans for more than 49 million beneficiaries.

Another feature of Open Health is to make the flow for the portability and contracting of health plans more agile, efficient and practical, simplifying the processes of sharing information, documents and the form of communication between the agents participating in the transaction. The document also provides for the simplification of filling in the Plan Guide by the user, including integrating the tool with Federal Government databases.

Formed by representatives of the Ministry of Health, ANS, the Digital Government Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank of Brazil, the working group that prepared the material took into account data sharing experiences made by other government agencies, such as, for example, Open Banking, developed by the Central Bank.

Some axes were well prioritized, such as the transparency of open data and the improvement of the user experience. The integration of these supplementary health data into the National Health Data Network (RNDS) is an important step towards reducing the fragmentation of care between the public and private sectors.


The team was based on two pillars to establish the Action Plan: the sharing of registration data and transactions. The first focuses on increasing the transparency of supplementary health data, through the ANS Open Data Plan, and facilitating its access by citizens and institutions. The project aims to facilitate the consumption of ANS data published on the Brazilian Open Data Portal by applications and statistical software and, in this way, encourage the development of solutions and new applications, contributing to the improvement of the quality of health services provided to the population.

The sharing of registration data and transactions aims to propose guidelines and prohibitions related to registration information for health plan operators, in order to facilitate the portability and contracting of health plans and avoid risk selection practices, according to legal provisions.

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