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From September to November, the Ministry of Health presented the Nanoarte exhibition, in the connecting tunnel between the Headquarters and Annex buildings of the agency, in Brasília (DF). Those who did not have the opportunity to visit in person, will be able to meet through the virtual tour.

The show, authored by the Cultural Center of the Ministry of Health (CCMS), was an invitation to those interested in science, technology and art to delve into the universe of a recent artistic expression, originating from nanotechnology, nanoart, characterized by works made with materials on a nanometer scale. To get an idea of ​​how much 1 nanometer is worth, we would need to divide 1 centimeter by ten million times.

Thiago Grisólia, cultural producer at CCMS and one of the curators of the exhibition, invites you to visit all the material that made up the exhibition, giving details about its conception and explaining how the worlds of art, science and technology converge.

Take the virtual tour – Access here

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