Ministry of Health holds and monitors all information on vaccination of Brazilians on a daily basis — Português (Brasil)


To ensure the progress of vaccination campaigns, the Ministry of Health monitors the daily update of data on vaccinated Brazilians and all notifications registered by states and municipalities on information platforms. The Federal Government holds the number of vaccinated, by CPF, in addition to the type of vaccine administered, application date and booster doses.

The citizen himself can access his vaccination status against the coronavirus and clinical history through ConectaSUS – a platform that provides proof of vaccination in Portuguese, English and Spanish, in addition to authentication data. The app, created in 2020, already has over 35 million downloads.

The progress of the campaign against Covid-19 is also updated daily on the LocalizaSUS platform, where, based on notifications from states and municipalities, it is possible to find out how many Brazilians are vaccinated with all doses of the vaccine. The consultation is simple and can be done by all Brazilians. Through this platform, the Federal Government keeps updating the distribution of inputs, medicines, tests, ventilators, qualification of beds, transfer of resources to municipalities and other essential information to face the pandemic. Even with the end of the Public Health Emergency of National Importance (Espin), all data remain available and updated.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Federal Government has bet on the diversified purchase of vaccines, from several laboratories, guaranteeing more than 700 million doses of vaccines against Covid-19 with an investment of more than R$ 37 billion. Of these, more than 550 million doses have already been distributed to all states and the Federal District – including those intended for traditional peoples and communities.

“Data on vaccination and distribution of immunizers against Covid-19, as well as the number of cases and deaths recorded, are closely observed and made publicly available on LocalizaSUS. Epidemiological data are also updated daily, informing the population, including the percentage of recovered and patients being monitored”, highlights the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga.

The minister also continues to constantly warn about the importance of the booster dose to maintain protection against serious cases and deaths from Covid-19. So far, more than 77 million Brazilians still haven’t returned to vaccination posts to take the first booster dose, recommended four months after the second dose. About 24 million people, who can now take the second booster dose (four months after the first booster), also did not get vaccinated. It is important to reinforce that the doses available in vaccination rooms throughout Brazil are effective against the disease.

The Ministry of Health, since the first negotiations with the laboratories that manufacture immunizers against Covid-19, has been in constant contact to ensure the delivery of doses and the updating of vaccines when necessary. After articulation of the portfolio with Pfizer and approval by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), the first batches of the bivalent vaccine, according to the manufacturer’s forecast, should arrive in Brazil in early December. Immunizers are effective because they contain the mixture of strains of the SarsCov-2 virus.

“It is important to note that the Ministry of Health has an agreement with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, signed in November 2021, which includes the delivery of all vaccines available and approved by Anvisa, stresses Minister Queiroga. The delivery of the bivalent vaccine to Brazil has been under negotiation for at least two months.

Already the vaccination strategy for next year is under discussion by the National Immunization Program (PNI), as well as the necessary amount of doses to ensure continuity of immunization of the population and maximum protection against Covid-19.

The latest update from the Ministry of Health shows that approximately 80% of the population received both doses or a single dose of the vaccine against Covid-19. More than 101 million first booster doses have been administered to date.

From diagnosis to treatment

To guarantee the diagnosis of Covid-19, the RT-PCR test is considered the gold standard in the SUS because it has high sensitivity and high specificity. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 32.2 million RT-PCR reactions have been sent to all states and the Federal District. The methodology used identifies all variants of Covid-19.

Brazil already has medicines incorporated into the SUS for the treatment of Covid-19. Fifty thousand treatments of the antiviral consisting of nirmatrelvir and ritonavir pills were distributed to all states and the Federal District in a proportional and equal manner – respecting discussions made with the federative units. The country will also be able to count on another 50,000 treatments at the beginning of next year, according to a forecast made by the manufacturing laboratory itself.

In addition to the focus on disease prevention, through vaccines, the Federal Government has also invested in assisting people who need medical attention due to complications from Covid-19. More than 19,500 beds were enabled at a cost of R$ 14 billion. Data on beds enabled by year and location are also public and can be accessed at LocalizaSUS.

Nathan Victor
Ministry of Health

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