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New services and investments for the Maternal and Child Care Network – RAMI — CMIO(Brazil)

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The Ministry of Health published two informative notes with guidelines regarding the Maternal and Child Care Network (RAMI). THE Information Note No. 11 deals with the registration of proposals for the qualification of health establishments within the network in the Support System for the Implementation of Health Policies (Saips). already the Information Note No. 12 provides guidelines regarding the registration of investment proposals within RAMI.

Qualification requests linked to the Network must be submitted within Saips, formalized electronically through a process via SEI and published in specific ordinances, contemplating the health service to receive resources within the Block for the Maintenance of Public Health Actions and Services. Access must be via an internet browser on the Saips email address🇧🇷

RAMI has the following components available:

  • low-risk maternity – MAB size I, II and II;
  • beds for high-risk pregnant women – (GAR) type II;
  • normal delivery center; house for pregnant women, babies and postpartum women (CGBP) – 10, 15 and 20 beds;
  • ANEO (specialized outpatient clinic for the follow-up of newborns and children, primarily discharged from a neonatal unit);
  • AGAR (specialized high-risk pregnancy clinic);
  • qualification of UCINCo beds; qualification of type II NICU beds;
  • qualification of type III NICU beds.

The investment proposals within the Care Network refer to the acquisition of equipment, renovations (alteration or not of environments, however, without adding to the built area), expansion (addition of physical area to an existing building) and construction of a health care unit. health (building functionally or physically disconnected from an existing establishment).

The Maternal and Child Care Network, established in April 2022, consists of ensuring women the right to family planning, reception, access and safe, quality and humanized care, in prenatal care, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, in childbirth and in the puerperium. It also seeks to ensure that newborns and children have the right to safe birth, healthy growth and development.

Ministry of Health

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