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With support from the SUS, ostomates guarantee inclusion — Português (Brasil)

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Responsible for the elimination of toxic or excess substances in the body, the excretory system is fundamental to the health of the human body. However, tumors, inflammatory diseases or cases of malformation can affect the functioning of the organs that do this cleaning. In some cases, a procedure called ostomy is recommended to restore balance to vital functions, but prejudice can make rehabilitation difficult for patients.

Ostomy (or ostomy) is a surgical procedure that consists of making an artificial opening in the body to create access between the internal organs and the external environment. Permanent or temporary, the ostomy can also be adopted to assist in feeding or breathing in other clinical conditions. However, when the purpose of the measure is to capture urine and feces, the physical adaptations caused can divert the focus from improving the life of those who undergo the procedure, as explained by the vice-president of the Ostomized Association of Mato Grosso do Sul, Lana Maria Flores da Costa. “Unfortunately, we have news of family members who do not want to take care of a person with a stoma because they have to deal with waste. More information needs to be disseminated about this. People need to know that life goes on and it is possible to be rehabilitated, it is not necessary to remain reclusive, hidden, ”she says.

Having had a stoma for 24 years, the representative of the association says that the role of the Unified Health System is fundamental for promoting the dignity of this population. Throughout the country, Specialized Rehabilitation Centers (CER) provide care for ostomy patients and offer multidisciplinary teams, in addition to nutritionists, clinical physicians, urologists, proctologists and gastroenterologists. As specified in Consolidation Ordinance No. 3/GM/MS, of September 28, 2017, ANNEX VI, guidance for self-care and prevention of complications arising from the procedure is a right.

The SUS is responsible for the distribution of collection and safety equipment in the centers, which provide guidance on the handling of colostomy bags, fixed in the opening of the ostomy and essential for the autonomy of patients. In 2022, the Ministry of Health invested approximately BRL 15 million in these services.

It is estimated that in Brazil there are more than 400,000 ostomy patients. SUS performs, on average, 13,000 outpatient procedures per month, either with monitoring or supplying materials such as a closed colostomy bag with microporous adhesive; colostomy bag with drainable micropore adhesive; plate and bag set for intestinal stoma; synthetic and/or mixed skin protective barriers in powder/paste and/or plate form; collection bag for urostomized patients; leg or bed urinary collector; plate and bag set for urostomized patients.


According to Law nº 13.146, of July 6, 2015, which establishes the Brazilian Law for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (Statute of the Person with Disabilities), in art. 2, a person with a disability is considered to be someone who has “a long-term impairment of a physical, mental, intellectual or sensory nature, which, in interaction with one or more barriers, may obstruct their full and effective participation in society on equal terms with others”. other people”.

To give more visibility to the issue, the Ministry of Health publishes a series of reports addressing cases that are classified as a disability and, as such, comprise a series of rights, such as coverage by the federal health policy and have specialized care in the Unified System. of Health (SUS).

Juliana Oliveira
Ministry of Health

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