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Ministry of Health reinforces campaign to prevent prematurity — CMIO(Brazil)

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In Brazil, 340 thousand babies are born premature every year, a number that is equivalent to at least 930 per day or 6 preterm births every 10 minutes. With the theme “Ensure skin-to-skin contact with parents from the moment of birth”, the 2022 campaign for the month Purple November aims to make the population aware of the care and prevention of prematurity.

During the month of November, the Ministry of Health will present actions aimed at the care of pregnant women and newborns through the Unified Health System (SUS), aiming at reducing premature birth rates in Brazil, as well as intensifying care for premature and/or low weight newborns who are hospitalized in Brazilian Neonatal Units.

In this context, the Pasta will disseminate content in depth on topics such as skin-to-skin contact, forms of prevention, breastfeeding in the first hour, kangaroo care, neonatal care, actions such as the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI), among others.

Preterm (or preterm) babies are considered to be babies who come into the world before completing 37 weeks of gestation (36 weeks and 6 days). Medical follow-up and some measures taken during pregnancy can prevent the baby from being born before the expected time.

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