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training in Acre ends this Friday (1st) — CMIO(Brazil)

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This Friday (1st) the training “Preparation of Response to Multiple Victim Incidents (IMV) in Rio Branco (AC) ends. The course of the National Force of the Unified Health System (FN – SUS), of the Ministry of Health, began this Wednesday (29). The objective is to strengthen action, especially in emergency situations.

The course in Acre involves 288 professionals from the Health sector, the Military Fire Department, Civil Defense, traffic control agencies, security agencies, military forces and others. During the three days, everyone participates in theoretical activities and practical exercises to improve care in emergency and disaster situations.

“This course only makes sense if everyone is integrated here, with the security and health forces, to work together in the shortest response time and ensure that the health of the population is preserved”, pointed out the director of the Department of Hospital Care, Home and Emergency (DAHU), from the Ministry of Health, Brunno Carrijo.

The idea is that the three levels of management: federal, state and municipal act in a coordinated and immediate way in case of incidents with multiple victims. “Take advantage of the course so that together we can increasingly strengthen the components of Health Care. When we talk about health, we talk about the components of primary care, hospital care, emergency care, among others, in order to understand the flow of care and the strengthening of all health care points for the response to IMV”, added Carrijo .

The coordinator of the National Force of the SUS, Pâmela Diana, explains that carrying out this training to prepare the response to an incident with multiple victims in Acre is important, as the state and respective municipalities deal with several emergencies. “This is a moment of collaboration, of exchanging knowledge that will help in a more coordinated and integrated response as possible, which will allow us to offer society a more qualified and shorter response when an incident occurs”, she highlights.

The coordinator of SAMU 192 in the state of Acre, Pedro Pascoal, explains that this is the first event of this kind in the state. “I hope that everyone manages to promote, in an integrated way, better assistance for the population. The idea is to promote integration so that all professionals speak the same language in search of improvements in assistance to the population of our state”.

The Ministry of Health should carry out other trainings for the National Force of the SUS during the year. To date, almost 2,000 professionals have been trained in preparing the response to IMV throughout Brazil.


Since 2011, the FN-SUS has been responsible for measures to prevent, assist and control epidemiological situations, natural disasters or situations of lack of assistance to the population, when the possibility of response is exhausted or support from the state or municipality is needed. Over these years, the Force has acted in more than 50 missions, with 500 volunteers, as in facing the most critical moment of the Covid-19 pandemic in Manaus and in other states, as recently in the floods in Pernambuco (PE) and Alagoas ( AL).

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