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At Dental Congress, Ministry of Health reinforces National Oral Health Policy — CMIO(Brazil)

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The Ministry of Health participates in the 39th edition of the International Dental Congress of São Paulo (CIOSP), which ends this Saturday (2). Among the actions of the Folder is the dissemination and guidance of professionals in the area on the National Policy on Oral Health.

Known as Brasil Sorridente, the policy has changed the lives of millions of Brazilians through free access to dental services in the Unified Health System (SUS).

The Ministry of Health also announces the launch of the new version of the Citizen’s Electronic Health Record (PEC), which includes an improvement in the odontogram, inclusion of the periodontal and soft tissue injury record field. It is also planned to launch the step-by-step teledentistry for SUS professionals and also the Pocket Guide and the PSE Oral Health notebook. The representatives of the portfolio will also hold a 2nd meeting with state oral health managers to discuss actions for professional qualification and health education for the population.

The congress is known for putting into practice important pillars in the training of professionals in the area, in addition to bringing together big names in the sector for the discussion and presentation of cutting-edge technology, scientific excellence and experiences in oral health.

“The Congress, organized by the Paulista Association of Dental Surgeons (APCD), is the largest congress in the world. And we think it is very important to participate in this moment and put our national policy in evidence, because it is also one of the biggest oral health policies in the world. Few countries have dental care in the public system and here, Brasil Sorridente is present in more than 90% of Brazilian municipalities, with more than 120 thousand oral health professionals”, said the General Coordinator of Oral Health of the Ministry of Health, Wellington Carvalho .

The Secretary of Primary Health Care (Saps), Raphael Câmara, invited to the opening table, highlighted the investments made in the oral health of Brazilians, including dental prenatal care. “We went through the pandemic together and we will continue together, working for the attention to the oral health of so many – including strengthening dental prenatal care, understanding the importance of women having comprehensive care during their pregnancy”, he highlighted.

The event also brought together state oral health coordinators from across the country. Paulo Cesar Oliveira Santos is the state coordinator of oral health in Pernambuco. “It is time for people to smile again without the sequelae, which are the result of the withdrawal produced by the pandemic. Let’s go ahead, states, municipalities and the Federal Government in this challenge”

Maria de Lourdes de Oliveira Motta is the state coordinator of oral health in Alagoas. “The expectation about the Congress is huge, mainly because we will present the numbers of the state of oral health in Alagoas. We achieved the ranking of first place in the Previne Brasil Dental Prenatal indicator. Ten municipalities achieved above 90% performance. And we have now been invited to share our experience here.”

About the actions of the Ministry of Health

Citizen’s Electronic Medical Record

To face the challenge of expanding and qualifying the offer of specialized dental services in the SUS, the Dental Specialty Centers (CEO) were created. The treatment offered there is a continuation of the work carried out by the oral health teams of the Family Health Strategy and the registration of care information produced in the CEOs is poorly computerized, causing loss of information about the offer at this point of the Network.
Therefore, the Ministry of Health launched the new version of the PEC, which will enable digital records of information that cooperate both with the exchange of information between professionals from the CEO and the Oral Health teams that are in the PHC, as well as collaborate with the storage of important information about the citizen’s health history. Cooperates with the Digital Health strategy. Access the document here.

Thematic Notebook of the Health at School Program “Saúde Oral” and the Pocket Guide (ebooks)

The Caderno has the objective of translating knowledge to education and health professionals aiming at a greater effectiveness of the PSE. The Pocket Guide, on the other hand, is aimed at students, children and adolescents, with games and dynamics that reinforce knowledge of oral health. This considering that, in 2019, in the ranking of activities developed in the PSE, oral health was highlighted, aiming to generate improvement in the offer of health promotion and prevention activities.

Step by Step of Teledentistry in SUS (ebook)

This is a Practical Manual for the use of Teledentistry in the SUS. It is a guiding document for professionals to know the important items on the topic. Access here.

Priscilla Leonel
Ministry of Health

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