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Ministry of Health launches National Response Plan for the detection and outbreak of poliomyelitis in Brazil — Português (Brasil)

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The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Health, launched, this Tuesday (1st), the National Response Plan to a Poliovirus Detection Event and a Poliomyelitis Outbreak: Brazil‘s Strategy. As the country celebrates 32 years without any records of the disease, the objective is to establish a coordinated response in the three spheres of management of the Unified Health System (SUS) in the event of a possible detection of wild poliovirus or vaccine derivative.

The plan’s goals are to strengthen epidemiological surveillance of acute flaccid paralysis, ensure universal access to polio vaccination services, according to the National Vaccination Calendar, and strengthen laboratory surveillance. The focus is also on developing the national and operational capacity of states and municipalities to keep polio eliminated from the national territory.

According to the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, Brazil is considered a power of vaccination in the world. “With immunization policies, we managed to eradicate polio from our country. That’s why we don’t want the disease to come back. I want to urge everyone who can join in this initiative. In the 38 thousand vaccination rooms, every day is campaign day ”, he highlighted, at the launch of the strategy.

“With this plan, we present timely response guidelines, mapping institutions and partners for coordinated actions. The challenge is immense. But our desire to ensure that Brazil is polio-free is also immense”, added the Secretary of Health Surveillance, Arnaldo Medeiros.

The efforts of the Ministry of Health are mainly focused on disease prevention, through vaccines offered throughout the year in immunization rooms. In addition to prevention, however, the Ministry works to respond in a timely and efficient, effective and coordinated manner among the technical areas involved in dealing with the public health emergency of poliomyelitis.

The PAHO/WHO representative in Brazil, Socorro Gross, took the opportunity to reinforce the role that the media have in propagating the importance of vaccination. “Brazil is moving forward with this plan in view of the leading role it has in the Americas region,” she said.

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Since 1990, Brazil has not detected cases of polio. In 1994, along with other countries in the Americas, it received certification from the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) as an area free of circulation of wild poliovirus in its territory, and has been making efforts to reach the goal of the recommended indicators for the maintenance of the country. disease free.

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Ministry of Health

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