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The gestation period is a phase that requires care for the woman’s body and health. In the week of National Oral Health Day, the Ministry of Health reinforces that this care also involves greater attention to the health of the mouth. Periodontal disease and tooth decay, for example, can increase the risk of pregnancy complications.

Doubts about oral health can be asked during dental care, as one of the routine steps of prenatal care. The medical professionals and/or nurses of the Family Health Team who monitor the pregnant woman must refer her to the dental consultation in the same health unit or in another unit that offers oral health care in Primary Care so that the care occurs in an efficient way. fully during this phase.

Know some precautions:

  • Every pregnant woman will have gum problems.

FALSE – Due to the exacerbated presence of gestational hormones, inflammation of the gingiva may be more accentuated when there is dental plaque. This happens when the person goes long periods without cleaning. If the pregnant woman has correct oral hygiene, using daily dental floss and brushing her teeth with adequate toothpaste, there will be no gingival inflammation.

  • It is better to avoid dental treatment during pregnancy

FALSE – Dental treatment can and should be done at any stage of pregnancy, especially in cases of pain. The second trimester turns out to be the most opportune time for pregnant women to undergo dental treatment, as, at this stage, the nausea has already decreased and the position in the dentist’s chair does not generate so much discomfort. It is important to remember that in the “Guidelines for Clinical Dental Practice in Primary Health Care: Treatment of Pregnant Women”, the position of the chair, as well as the best period for dental treatment are covered in greater detail, and therefore, reading is recommended.

TRUE – In addition to the exposure and amount of radiation being very low during a dental radiography exam, a lead apron must be used that protects the mother and baby from radiation.

  • The pregnant woman can have any dental procedure

TRUE – Proper dental treatment causes no problems for the mother or baby. On the contrary, it helps the woman to have a more peaceful pregnancy, without discomfort resulting from infections in the mouth and also contributes to the healthier birth of the baby.

  • Teeth weaken during pregnancy

FALSE – The teeth of the pregnant woman do not lose calcium to form the teeth of the baby. Calcium and nutrients necessary for the formation of the baby’s teeth are provided by the pregnant woman’s diet. In addition, pregnancy does not cause cavities. The frequent consumption of sugary and ultra-processed foods added to the lack of adequate oral hygiene is what can cause the appearance of cavities.

Want to know more? Read in the guide “Oral Health of the Pregnant Woman”.

Nathan Victor
Ministry of Health

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