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Oilseeds can complement dishes and serve as small meals — Português (Brasil)

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Chestnuts, walnuts, almonds and peanuts have many culinary uses. Foods in this group are rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber, healthy fats (unsaturated fats) and antioxidants that prevent various diseases. As they require little or no preparation, they are excellent options for small meals.

Mariana Melendez, nutritionist at the bariatric surgery outpatient clinic at the Asa Norte Regional Hospital (HRAN), in Brasília/DF, explains that these foods are a source of energy for the body, as they have a large amount of carbohydrates. “Carbohydrates should not be vilified, because if the patient makes a food plan with a health professional, he will certainly include the carbohydrate in the diet, valuing the quality of this carbohydrate”, she defends.

Chestnuts, walnuts, almonds and peanuts are ingredients in salads, sauces and various savory and sweet culinary preparations, such as farofas, paçocas, pé de moleque and can also be added to fruit salads. Pay attention to foods with added salt or sugar, as they are processed foods, so consumption should be limited.

According to the “Food Guide for the Brazilian Population”, packaged foods must be within the expiration date, the packaging must be sealed and free of dents, holes or puffy areas, and the content must not show changes in color, smell or consistency.

According to the nutritionist, food should not be evaluated only from the caloric index, but valuing the quality of food. “Imagine two diets with the same caloric indices, only one of them is rich in ultra-processed foods and the other rich in in natura foods. Studies show that a diet rich in ultra-processed foods has a much greater gain in body fat than the in natura diet. “, exemplifies.

Dedicating time to cleaning the refrigerator, stove, cabinets, shelves, floor and walls helps to preserve the quality of food purchased or preparations made. In addition, cooking in a clean and organized environment makes this moment more pleasant, reduces meal preparation time and favors socializing between people.

Healthy eating

During the month of October, due to World Food Day, the Ministry of Health makes available a series of videos on eating habits at each stage of life, through its YouTube channel.


To learn about recipes and ways of preparing fresh or minimally processed foods, which value Brazilian food culture, access the publication “In the kitchen with fruits and vegetables”.

According to the Ministry of Health, valuing and encouraging the consumption of fruits and vegetables represents an important strategy for health promotion and adequate and healthy food, contributing to the improvement of the food and nutritional standard and to the reduction of Chronic Diseases. Non-Communicable (DCNT).

Fran Martins
Ministry of Health

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