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With areola and nipple micropigmentation, Lina rescues women’s self-esteem after breast cancer — Português (Brasil)

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Paramedic micropigmentation is a technique to reconstruct the breast areolas and also a strong ally in the recovery of women who have faced breast cancer. For 16 years, the micropigmenter, Lina Oliveira, has rescued the self-esteem of many of these women, without charging anything. But in 2020, the disease entered Lina’s life, in addition to work. “It was a surprise. I had my moments of crying, but it was easier to deal with cancer because of the intimacy I already had with the process”, she confesses.

Lina is from Floriano (PI) and is now 54 years old. The fight against cancer motivated her even more to continue with the work, as she felt in her skin what clients always went through. “When I was undergoing chemotherapy, I canceled practically my entire schedule, I only left room for the reconstruction of the areola”, she says. The treatment left her very ill, but this effort to continue doing micropigmentation helped her to overcome the disease.

The support of family members is also essential during treatment, as the cancer patient feels more motivated to move on. “I had a lot of support from my family, my friends and my clients, who were scared by the news, but also worried a lot about me. Today I am here, very well”, she reports.

One of Lina’s clients, Cida Oliveira, who beat breast cancer in 2019, says that she got to know the work of the micropigmenter through the October Rosa campaign, at Hospital Universitário de Brasília (HBU). “They said she was making an areola and nipple. I immediately got in touch, because it was all I wanted to complete the process. I just have gratitude for her and for this beautiful work she provides”, praises Cidinha, as she likes to be called.

Currently, Lina is undergoing breast reconstruction treatment. Only then will she be able to reconstruct the breast areola with paramedical micropigmentation. “Each patient who lies on my stretcher for the procedure, I see as if I was doing it on myself”, she declares, stressing that all women should undergo preventive exams so as not to experience problems later.

mammary areola

Areola and nipple micropigmentation is an important step in breast reconstruction. The goal is to make the patient have a visibly normal breast, which is crucial for greater satisfaction with the body, self-esteem and confidence.

According to Lina Oliveira, this procedure can only be done after one year of treatment against breast cancer. Authorization from the patient’s physician is also required to perform the reconstruction. “I never made money from this job. I recognize it as an extremely important attitude and I do it out of love, because I want the good for others”, adds Lina.

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