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New class of the Auxílio Brasil na Saúde course is open until this Friday (21) — CMIO(Brazil)

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Those interested in taking the course “Auxílio Brasil na Saúde” have until this Friday (21) to register for the seventh class. With a workload of 20 hours, the content is available free of charge on the UniverSUS Brasil platform and is offered in the Distance Education modality.

The training promotes understanding of the main characteristics of Auxílio Brasil and its functioning in the three spheres of government: Federal, State and Municipal. In addition, the importance of monitoring health conditionalities for the beneficiary public and how to use the system on the e-Gestor platform is highlighted. From March until now, six classes were offered, which together trained 1,156 participants.

The Auxílio Brasil Program integrates, in just one initiative, several public policies for social assistance, health, education, employment and income. The direct and indirect income transfer initiative is aimed at families in poverty and extreme poverty throughout the country. In addition to guaranteeing basic income to these families, the action seeks to simplify the basket of benefits and encourage the emancipation of those assisted so that they achieve autonomy and overcome situations of social vulnerability.

The educational offer is made available through the Ministry of Health‘s Department of Work Management and Health Education (SGTES/MS). The intention is to serve health professionals, students and anyone else who wants to follow the program.

Find out how the course is organized:

  • Module I: Main Features of the Brazil Assistance Program in Health;

  • Module II: SUS Commitments to the Auxílio Brasil Program; Health Conditionalities; and Comprehensive Health Assistance to Beneficiaries;

  • Module III: Organization of the Health Sector; Intersectoriality and Validity;

  • Module IV: Management System for the Auxílio Brasil na Saúde Program on the e-Gestor Platform.

Ministry of Health

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