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2nd quarter performance result is now available — CMIO(Brazil)

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Every four months, the performance of Brazilian municipalities in primary care is evaluated and has an impact on federal funding. In this context, the Ministry of Health released the result for the second quarter of 2022. The biggest highlight is the number of municipalities that achieved a score of 10 in the Final Synthetic Indicator (ISF), which increased more than five times compared to the previous period.

“We went from seven to 39 municipalities with the maximum score. We also increased the number of those who managed to score above nine”, highlights the secretary of Primary Health Care, Raphael Câmara. “This demonstrates that the effort we have made to train municipal managers throughout Brazil has had an effect. It is important to highlight that the increase in the score goes beyond numbers and represents an improvement in the provision of health care for the population”, he emphasizes.

In 2021, the secretary and technicians of the Ministry of Health held workshops in the territories in order to support Brazilian capitals to implement Previne Brasil, a PHC funding program. This year, specific seminars were held on the seven performance indicators in dozens of cities, training thousands of managers and health professionals.

main highlights

The 39 municipalities that achieved the maximum score are small:

  1. Monte Santo do Tocantins (TO)
  2. Nova Rosalândia (TO)
  3. Novo Alegre (TO)
  4. Santa Rita do Tocantins (TO)
  5. Santo Inácio do Piauí (PI)
  6. Ararendá (CE)
  7. Choró (CE)
  8. Milhã (CE)
  9. Moraújo (CE)
  10. Northern Board (CE)
  11. Marizópolis (PB)
  12. Santo Domingo (PB)
  13. San Francisco (PB)
  14. Serra Grande (PB)
  15. Men’s Alligator (AL)
  16. Candeias (MG)
  17. Catuti (MG)
  18. Crystals (MG)
  19. Grain Mughal (MG)
  20. Mato Verde (MG)
  21. Olímpio Noronha (MG)
  22. Machados Creek (MG)
  23. Santo Antonio do Retiro (MG)
  24. Sao Goncalo do Abaeté (MG)
  25. Umburatiba (MG)
  26. Veredinha (MG)
  27. Guarani d’Oeste (SP)
  28. Guairaçá (PR)
  29. Bom Jesus do Oeste (SC)
  30. Cunhataí (SC)
  31. Peritiba (SC)
  32. Santa Rosa de Lima (SC)
  33. São Ludgero (SC)
  34. Serra Alta (SC)
  35. Fortress of Valos (RS)
  36. Muçum (RS)
  37. Roca Sales (RS)
  38. Moipora (GO)
  39. Turvania (GO)

Among medium-sized municipalities, the best performance was Coruripe (AL), with 9.75, followed by Limoeiro do Norte (CE), Penedo (AL) – both with 9.69 – Brejo Santo (CE), which got 9.68, and Acaraú (CE), with 9.65. The first five are part of the Northeast region. The large ones are led by Coronel Fabriciano (MG), with 9.94, Sobral (CE), 9.21, Passos (MG), Presidente Prudente (SP) – both with 9.07 each – and Muriaé (MG). ), 8.92.

Ahead of the metropolises – and also the capitals – since the first quarter is Manaus (AM), with 8.37, followed by Maceió (AL), 7.53, Curitiba (PR), 7.31, Porto Alegre (RS) , 7.12, and Brasília, with 6.53. “The bigger the municipality, the more challenging it is to reach and exceed the goals, as the number of users of the Unified Health System (SUS) increases exponentially. Even so, many capitals are improving their results and showing that it is possible to improve the quality of care”, adds the APS secretary.

How do I check the performance of my municipality?

To consult the ISF note, access the “APS Indicator Panels” in the e-Manager. This tool offers several filter options (such as “population size”, “health macro-region” and “urban rural typology”), which allow the comparison of the results of the municipalities in the four-month period, according to the selected characteristics. Just click on the “synthesis” button on the Final Synthetic Indicator Panel and choose the desired filters.

It is also possible to consult the performance information of each indicator separately on the Primary Care Health Information System (Sisab) page. It allows you to filter the location by region, state, municipality or national (in the “Brazil” category). The manager can click on “view on screen” or “download” to download the data.

Ministry of Health

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