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Reducing maternal mortality is the subject of two micro-courses for PHC professionals — CMIO(Brazil)

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The concern with reducing maternal mortality is the subject of two microcourses available on the UNA-SUS platform. The content is aimed at professionals working in Primary Health Care. Each of the training courses has a workload of 90 class hours, offered in distance learning mode. Applications can be made until December 30th.

The two educational offers are free of charge and were planned by the Federal University of Piauí, maintaining a direct relationship with the theme, so that the professional can undergo comprehensive training in the contents taught.

In module I, contents such as hypertension/eclampsia and hemorrhage were gathered. Module II addresses renal function during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, in addition to gestational diabetes. The second course is offered independently of the first.

The pedagogical proposal of modular training in micro-courses is a global trend that responds to a context of intense movement and agility, as highlighted in the text presenting the training on the platform.

Professionals access distance learning courses in search of knowledge that helps in solving problem situations in practice. The short duration favors the permanence and completion of participants, thus reducing dropout and improving project evaluation rates.

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