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Community Health and Endemic Combat Agents promote integration between epidemiological, sanitary and environmental surveillance

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Search for endemic foci in homes, warehouses, vacant lots and commercial establishments. This Tuesday (4), Day of the Community Health Agent and Combat Endemic Diseases, the Ministry of Health recalls that these professionals work on a daily basis, carrying out inspections, applying larvicides and checking water tanks.

These agents are at the forefront of Primary Care, seeing closely the problems that affect the community. “These health professionals and endemic diseases are the eyes and ears of the Unified Health System (SUS) in the home of Brazilians. We face the biggest health emergency ever seen in the world and they played a key role in the fight against the pandemic”, highlights the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga.

In June, two ordinances from the Ministry of Health authorized an increase in the remuneration of Community Health and Endemic Combat Agents. In all, more than 280,000 professionals throughout Brazil were benefited. Pasta also invested in the training of these professionals through the Health with Agent program to qualify the work provided by them for the SUS.

The activities of the Community Health Agent (CHA):

  • Community mobilization and encouragement of participation in public policies aimed at health and socio-educational areas;
  • Conducting regular and periodic home visits to welcome and accompany people;
  • Detailing of home visits, with collection and recording of data related to their attributions for the exclusive purpose of controlling and planning health actions;
  • Use of instruments for demographic and sociocultural diagnosis.

The activities of the Endemic Combat Agent (ACE) are:

  • Development of educational and community mobilization actions related to the prevention and control of diseases and health problems;
  • Promotion of actions for the prevention and control of diseases and health problems, in interaction with the Community Health Agent and the Primary Care team;
  • Identification of suspected cases of diseases and health problems and referral, when indicated, to the reference health unit, as well as communication of the fact to the responsible health authority;
  • Dissemination of information to the community on signs, symptoms, risks and disease-transmitting agents and on individual and collective prevention measures.

Nathan Victor
Ministry of Health

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