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Elaiza, William’s mother, says her son helped six people — Português (Brasil)

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In Brazil, the donation of organs and tissues only happens with the authorization of family members. William Machado died of brain death after a serious accident at the age of 19 and it was his younger brother, Wellington, who thought about the donation. “Think of the other mothers who are on the waiting list, hoping to get a new chance at life for their own child,” Wellington told mother Elaiza.

Elaiza is 46 years old. She and her children are from Belém/PA. In 2010, the family decided to travel to Brasília/DF in search of better opportunities. William and Wellington entered college, but William’s plans were interrupted. In 2014, he went to a birthday party with two other relatives. The next day, Elaiza received the news that her son, her sister and her brother-in-law had been in an accident.

The brother-in-law died instantly, the sister was taken to the Base Hospital and the son William was taken by helicopter to the East Regional Hospital, in Paranoá/DF. “When I arrived at the HRL, they informed me that they were waiting for a place at the Hospital de Base to transfer my son, as they had to undergo an exam that could only be done there”, recalls Elaiza.

Soon the transfer was made and Elaiza was received by the doctor in charge in the red room, where she informed that William was already brain dead since the moment of the accident. “That was the worst news of my life. I could only sit on the sidewalk, without expressing a single word”, she says, moved.

On the same day, the youngest son called to talk about a possible organ donation from William. He asked his mother’s permission, as he knew he could help other people. “That’s when I decided to release the donation. My hero helped six people to live and even brought me acceptance and healing from pain”, reveals Elaiza.

“My wish is that more people are aware that donating organs is donating life. May we have an empathetic society, where we can give ourselves to each other with love”, concludes William and Wellington’s mother.

Reality in Brazil

The largest public organ, tissue and cell transplant program in the world, which is guaranteed to the entire Brazilian population free of charge through the Unified Health System (SUS).

Brazil is the second country in the world that performs the most transplants. In 2021, about 23,500 procedures were performed. Of this total, about 4,800 were kidney transplants, 2,000 liver transplants, 334 heart transplants and 84 lung transplants. The country has more than 600 authorized transplant hospitals.

A single donor can benefit up to eight people with organ and tissue transplantation. This act of love and solidarity is the theme of 2022 National Organ and Tissue Donation Incentive Campaignwhich highlights the importance of declaring yourself a donor.

Karol Ribeiro
Ministry of Health

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