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Would you donate your organs? And your son’s? Thinking about this hypothesis is painful because it presupposes loss. But luckily some fathers and mothers understood that their pain can turn into someone else’s joy. It was with this feeling that civil engineer, Renata Muller, 52, donated her daughter’s organs. “Aline was a special child, as she was born with hydrocephalus. I found out I was still pregnant. The decision to have her was in our hands and we decided to fight with all our strength for her to come into the world, and so it was done,” she says.

Born in São Paulo/SP, Aline was born prematurely, at 25 weeks’ gestation. Still inside her mother’s belly, she underwent surgery to put a valve in her head. “There was already the possibility of her being born earlier. The doctors gave me medicine for the maturation of the lungs and she was born very well”, recalls Renata. Aline lived for three years and from birth she was a happy child, even with so many treatments and surgeries.

A couple of close friends of Renata said that they would have the same attitude of continuing with the pregnancy and even if the child did not survive, they would have the opportunity to meet the baby and still donate the organs. “I always wanted to be an organ donor, but when it comes to a child, that never crosses our minds, so that was marked”, recalls Aline’s mother.

In Holy Week in 2002, little Aline felt sick and brain death was confirmed. “The first thing that came to my mind was our friend’s words and the first thing I said was that she would be a donor. Thus, many mothers and fathers would not suffer the same pain that I was feeling, which is the loss of a child”, confesses Renata.

On the one hand, fathers and mothers wait for the donation that can save the child’s life. On the other, those who experience the mourning of a child who has passed away. When these two stories intersect, suffering gives way to hope. Renata tells emotional that, even after twenty years, she hopes that somewhere, the six children, now adults, who received the organs, are well, because she always prays for them, wishing them health and love.

“Aline came into this world with a purpose: to love and teach love, above all else. I’m sure she is also grateful for having helped so many lives”, adds Renata, touched.

Reality in Brazil

The largest public organ, tissue and cell transplant program in the world, which is guaranteed to the entire Brazilian population free of charge through the Unified Health System (SUS).

Brazil is the second country in the world that performs the most transplants. In 2021, about 23,500 procedures were performed. Of this total, about 4,800 were kidney transplants, 2,000 liver transplants, 334 heart transplants and 84 lung transplants. The country has more than 600 authorized transplant hospitals.

A single donor can benefit up to eight people with organ and tissue transplantation. This act of love and solidarity is the theme of the 2022 National Organ and Tissue Donation Incentive Campaign, which highlights the importance of declaring yourself a donor.

Karol Ribeiro
Ministry of Health

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