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Diet or Light: what is each product for?

The big difference between diet and light is in the amount of ingredients that were reduced in the preparation of the product:

  • diet: have zero of any ingredient, such as zero fat, zero sugar, or zero salt. Thus, they can be used by people with chronic problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, for example;
  • light: they present a reduction of at least 25% in the amount of some ingredient or in calories in general, when compared to the normal version of the product.

Thus, neither of the two versions guarantees that the product to be purchased is healthy or low in calories, as this will depend on the ingredient that was reduced in the recipe. So it is very important to always read the label before buying the product.

For example, it’s no use going on a diet and buying a light that only reduced the amount of sodium in the product, as its calories will remain the same.

Watch the following video and check out these differences between products light and diet and tips to have a healthy diet with these products:

What are the products for? diet

The products diet should only be purchased in specific cases of any disease or alteration in the blood test. Therefore, depending on the type of ingredient that was removed from the recipe, the products are more suitable for:

  • zero added sugar: for diabetics;
  • Zero added fat: for those with high cholesterol or high triglycerides;
  • Zero addition of sodium/salt: for those who have high blood pressure.

Thus, it is important to know the health problem that must be treated in order to buy specific foods, and it is always necessary to look at the product label to identify which of the ingredients has been changed and if it really fits the diet.

diet have fewer calories?

Although some Diet products are sugar-free, that doesn’t mean they have fewer calories, and some may even contain a higher amount of calories than a non-diet product. This is because to maintain the flavor and texture, manufacturers put a greater amount of fats or other ingredients, making the food more caloric.

What are Light products for?

Light products should be purchased when you want to have some reduction in a specific nutrient or in the overall calories of the product. By law, light products must contain 25% less calories or some nutrient, such as salt, sugar, fat or protein, which does not always represent a significant reduction that brings health benefits.

So, before buying a light product, it is important to observe which nutrient has been reduced and if this reduction is interesting for the diet you are following. It’s also important to know that Diet or Light products can also be high in fat, so you need to understand why eating these foods doesn’t always help you lose weight.

Always consult a doctor.

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