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The remedies indicated to remove the wart must be specific to the region where it is located and, in most cases, act through a keratolytic action, slowly promoting the peeling of the skin.

Most of these products can be easily purchased in pharmacies, without the need to present a medical prescription, but they must be used according to the dermatologist’s guidance, with caution, since most of them can damage the skin that is in around the wart.

1. Genital wart

Genital warts are the ones where you should be more careful when applying and choosing the product, because they are located in a more delicate region.

A remedy that can be indicated by the dermatologist to treat genital warts is Wartec, which is an antiviral cream, for local application, whose active substance is podophyllotoxin. See how to use Wartec.

Genital warts are lesions that can appear in the female or male intimate region and are usually soft and pink in color. Learn how to identify genital warts.

2. Common and flat wart

Some of the remedies that are indicated for common and flat warts are Curitybin, with salicylic acid in the composition, or Verrux and Duofilm, with salicylic acid and lactic acid in the composition, or Duofilm, which have a keratolytic effect, leading to skin peeling. and the reduction of wart thickness. These products can be found in liquid or gel form and must be used in accordance, locally, with medical advice. Learn more about Duofilm.

There is also a product with liquid nitrogen, Points, which acts by freezing the center of the wart, eliminating it quickly and effectively.

Common warts are usually skin-colored, firm and have a rough surface, and may be rounded or irregular, while flat warts appear more often on the face and are small, flat and smooth in appearance. Find out what the main types of warts are.

3. Plantar wart

Generally, the products indicated to treat the common and flat wart, can also be used in the plantar wart. However, there are gel products specifically indicated for plantar warts, which have a greater amount of salicylic acid in the composition, as is the case with plantar Duofilm, for example.

In addition, a drug called Blauferon B, which is usually administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously, and which inhibits viral replication in virus-infected cells and suppression of cell proliferation, can still be used.

The plantar wart, also known as fish eye, usually appears on the feet and has a yellowish appearance with black dots inside. Learn more about plantar wart treatment.

4. Filiform wart

Filiform warts can be removed with a scalpel, scissors, curettage or cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, as is the case with Pointts, which acts by freezing the center of the wart, eliminating it quickly and effectively.

Care must be taken when treating sensitive areas, such as the face, as treatment with liquid nitrogen can change the color of the skin.

Always consult a doctor.

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