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Colikids: what is it for and how to take it

Colikids is a probiotic drop that can be given to children and babies from birth, which helps in maintaining a healthy intestinal flora, which contributes to faster recovery from an episode of gastroenteritis, for example.

This remedy can be used under medical advice and helps in the proliferation of good bacteria in the intestine, helping to prevent the increase of harmful bacteria. In addition, it even stimulates the body’s defense system.

The Colikids solution can be purchased in pharmacies, for a price of around 93 reais, and should only be used if recommended by the doctor.

what is it for

Colikids drops are probiotics, whose main function is to restore the intestinal flora, which can be useful to stop diarrhea, fight excess gases in the intestine and strengthen the body’s natural defenses.

Learn more about probiotics and their health benefits.

How to use

Before using the medicine, shake the bottle well. Colikids can be used in children and babies from birth, and the recommended dose is 5 drops a day for the duration of diarrhea. The best way to take this remedy is to put the 5 drops in a spoon and then mix it in a little milk or cold water.

This medicine should never be mixed with soup or other warm or hot liquids, as high temperatures can damage the Lactobacilli present in the solution.

What is the best time to use Colikids?

Colikids can be used at any time of day.

Side effects and contraindications

At the indicated dose, this probiotic is well tolerated and does not cause unpleasant effects, however it should not be used in cases of hypersensitivity to any of the components of the formula.

Always consult a doctor.

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