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How to calculate calories expended in physical exercise

The caloric expenditure of exercises varies according to the person’s weight and intensity of physical activity, however the exercises that usually spend more calories are running, jumping rope, swimming, playing water polo and rollerblading, for example.

On average, a 50 kg person expends more than 600 calories per hour when running on a treadmill, while a person weighing around 80 kg expends about 1000 calories per hour for this same activity. This is because the heavier a person is, the more effort their body has to make to ensure that every cell in the body does not lack oxygen and energy.

Other examples of exercises that burn a lot of calories are intense weight training, indoor soccer, tennis, boxing, judo and jiu-jitsu, for example. However, more important than starting to practice an exercise just because it burns a lot of calories, is knowing how to eat well, enjoy the type of activity you are going to do and dedicate yourself to practicing at least 3 times a week, for 1 hour, or daily for 30 minutes. minutes, because regular exercise is also important for weight loss.

Caloric expenditure by Physical Activity

Knowing the energy expenditure of exercises and also the calories of food, it is possible to structure a food and physical activity scheme together so that the objective is reached quickly, whether it is muscle mass gain or weight loss.

The caloric expenditure of physical activities varies according to factors related to the person and to the intensity and duration of physical activity. Enter your data below and find out how many calories you burn in some activities:

It is possible to increase the amount of calories burned per day by increasing the body’s metabolism and increasing muscles, because the more lean mass a person has, the more calories he will spend.

What influences caloric expenditure?

The caloric expenditure depends on some factors related to the person and the type of exercise, such as:

  • Weight and body structure;
  • Height;
  • Intensity, type and duration of physical activity;
  • Age;
  • Conditioning level.

So, to know the amount of calories that each person burns per day it is important to take into account all these factors. In addition, it is important that the nutritionist calculates the amount of calories that must be consumed per day for weight loss, also taking into account lifestyle habits, age, height and weight. Find out how many calories to consume to lose weight.

How to burn more calories to lose weight

The best way to burn more calories and lose weight is to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, practicing intense and regular physical activity and having a balanced and goal-oriented diet, which is why it is important to have nutritional monitoring.

It is also important to carry out a physical activity that is appropriate to the person’s habits and taste, so that the person can always remain motivated and perform the exercise on a regular basis.

When starting to practice some type of physical activity combined with a healthy diet, metabolism is stimulated, favoring caloric expenditure and promoting weight loss. Basically, the more calories a person spends doing an exercise, the more they lose weight, but the more motivated a person is, the greater their effort and that will burn more calories.

Always consult a doctor.

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