Brazil defines ranking in the first half and thrashes South Korea

Quarterfinals, here we come. With a cinematic first half, Brazil secured qualification for the quarterfinals of the Qatar Cup after defeating South Korea by 4-1, this Tuesday afternoon (5th) at the 974 Stadium. Croatia in the quarterfinals.

The Canarinho team didn’t want to play around and entered the field to show that the defeat against Cameroon was just an accident on the way. In the 6th minute, in the first good arrival, Tite’s selection opened the scoring.

Raphinha received a good pass from Paquetá on the right and crossed in the area. The ball went through the whole Korean area and left for Vinícius Júnior. The attacker dominated the ball and hit the left corner of the goalkeeper with category. It was the second goal of the Real Madrid (Spain) striker for the Brazilian national team in 29 games, the first in the World Cup.

The Brazilian goal scared South Korea. Four minutes later, Jung Woo-Young fumbled and lost the ball to Richarlison. The defender ended up missing the kick and hit the Brazilian player inside the area: penalty. Neymar went to the penalty spot and, with extreme category, extended the advantage.

Korea threatened to react and scared. At the 17th minute, Hee-Chan received it at the edge of the area and hit Alisson with his right leg. The goalkeeper flew and made a beautiful save, his first in the 2022 World Cup.

But the Korean attempt did not last long. In the 28th minute, Richarlison signed a masterpiece at Estádio 974. He dominated with his head in the attack, made a low pass, passed to Marquinhos, who played for Thiago Silva. The captain found the number 9 shirt in the goalkeeper’s face, and the attacker did not forgive. A great goal with the right to the pigeon dance made even by Tite.

At 35 minutes, the rout was already enshrined. Neymar pulled a counterattack and found Vinícius Júnior. The striker crossed for Paquetá to hit first and score Brazil‘s fourth. The number 7 had a chance to make the fifth at 45 minutes, but wasted a chance face to face with goalkeeper Kim Seung-Gyu.

Brazil still missed another good opportunity with Richarlison, in the 48th minute. The number 9 entered free on the right and kicked low for another good save by Kim Seung-Gyu.

Korea came back to scare at the beginning of the second stage. Son received a pass from the left and hit the ball at the entrance to the penalty area. Alisson deflected and the ball went over the bottom line. Brazil responded with two good arrivals from Raphinha on the right, but was stopped by the goalkeeper. The Koreans almost scored the goal of honor with Hwang Hee-Chan, who took advantage of Danilo’s mistake and dropped the right leg bomb. Alisson, once again, made a great defense and saved.

With so much insistence, Korea reached the goal of honor. And it was a goal. Paik Seung-Ho took advantage of a left corner on the right and dropped the bomb on Alisson’s left corner. But he stopped there. Final: 4 to 1 for Brazil. Tite’s team faces Croatia, starting at 12h (Brasília time) next Friday (9), for the quarterfinals of the World Cup, at Estádio Cidade da Educação.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News