Neymar praises the national team’s collective game and thanks the supporters’ affection

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FIFA elected Neymar as the best of the match in Brazil‘s 4-1 victory over South Korea, this Monday (5), for the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar. The star returned from an ankle injury, suffered in the first game of the competition, against Serbia.

Neymar scored his first goal in the Cup, from a penalty, and was decisive in building plays, counterattacks and calling for the effective participation of teammates. In a press conference given after the match, the number 10 highlighted the collective game of the Brazilian team, stating that everyone went well.

The striker also thanked all the messages received during his recovery from the ankle injury and said that the sixth star he displayed on his shorts in the Brazilian concentration was not a provocation to opponents, but his goal and his dream.

Interview excerpt:

Evaluation of the best of the game award and also of the Brazilian fans.
First, thank God for giving me the strength to go back, get training and continue to do everything I had to do to play. Thanks to all the doctors, physiotherapists and my companions, who gave me strength in these days that were important to me. I’m very happy to be playing again, playing well. It’s difficult for you to hand over a best of the game award to someone from Brazil today, because I think everyone played a lot. They are to be congratulated and we are very happy with our performance. That’s what we wanted, to pass, play well and deserve to win. And we did it inside. The fans are to be congratulated, they are having a very beautiful party.

Did you feel the ankle? Was the performance as expected?
I didn’t feel anything, thank God. The performance was very good, I really enjoyed my match today, but I think it’s always possible to improve, that’s what I’m always looking for. I don’t think I can be satisfied with today’s game, but keep growing together with the team. Today’s highlight was our squad, the whole team, it wasn’t just one player. I’m very happy, very happy with the performance of all my teammates.

Message for the Brazilian fans.
I just want to thank you for all the love and support you sent me when I got hurt. The night I got hurt was really hard. A thousand things went through my head, doubts, fear, and I had the support of all my companions, my family, to seek strength where I no longer had it. Reading good messages, with everyone sending good vibes, comforted me a lot. Thanks to everyone who, from the first minute, sent me messages, to the people who prayed for me. Thank you from the heart, I can’t thank you. My way of saying thank you will be on the field, doing everything for the Brazilian team to win. We came here for that, with that mission, with that dream. When I put the star on my shorts, it wasn’t to discredit any rival, but to demonstrate what I was looking for, which is my dream, it’s a goal for my entire team and mine too. We are getting closer, now we have one more step to take. I am very happy and content. Thank you to all Brazilians, everything will be fine and I’m sure we’ll all smile in the end.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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