Animals “help” in the vaccination of children at the zoo in Brazilia

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With the help of monkeys, giraffes, blue macaws and maned wolves, children and adults were vaccinated this Sunday (4th) at the Brasília Zoo. The on-site initiative aimed to expand vaccination coverage in the federal capital.

According to the Health Department of the Federal District, doses against covid-19 and influenza were made available, in addition to routine vaccination, with the exception of BCG. The folder is carrying out a kind of active search for the non-immunized population or those with delayed doses.

“In the last two weeks, we have taken more than 1,100 vaccines to public agencies. These are measures that make up our active search strategy for the non-immunized population”, said Health Secretary Lucilene Florêncio.

The superintendent of Education and Public Use of the Zoo, Alberto Gomes de Brito, pointed out that the measure united the family entertainment space with the immunization action.

In order to expand vaccination coverage, the Jardim Zoológico de Brasília and the Health Department of the Federal District are promoting this Sunday the immunization of children and adults who visit the site

Brasília Zoo promotes immunization of children and adults today /Fabio Rodrigues-Pozzebom/Agência Brazil

“The zoo, whose main focus is the conservation of wild fauna, also has a huge number of visitors during the year, a considerable part of which are children, and there is a social role of contributing to increase vaccination coverage”, he said.

In addition to the available vaccines, professionals assessed whether the vaccination booklet is up to date, considering the schedule according to the children’s age.

The immunization action will only take place this Sunday until 5 pm, at the Brasília Zoo – Avenida das Nações/Via L4 Sul. It is necessary to bring the vaccination booklet.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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