Second stage of Literary Festival of Peripheries starts tomorrow in RJ

The second stage of the 12th edition of the Literary Festival of the Outskirts (Flup) begins tomorrow (5th), named Maré de Outskirts. The event runs until the 11th and welcomes writers such as Conceição Evaristo, Jarid Arraes, Anielle Franco and Marcelino Freire at the Casa de Cultura da Maré, in the slum complex in the North Zone of the city.

The first stage took place in February, with debates at the Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR) and at the Museum of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture (Muhcab), located in Gamboa, both in the Little Africa region. Paying homage to Lima Barreto, Pixinguinha, Chiquinha Gonzaga and Josephine Baker, the event celebrated 100 years of black modernism.

Now, Flup returns to the premise of promoting culture carried out in the peripheries and on the peripheries, territory traditionally excluded from the calendars of cultural events. The opening will be at noon, with a flight of balloons at the Lima Barreto Library. At 6:30 pm there will be a greeting to the orixás, followed by a welcome with Eliana Sousa, from Redes da Maré, and Dani Salles, from Flup.

At 7:00 pm the book launch takes place. Father Santana – the Orisha of Football, by cultural producer Ecio Salles, one of the creators of Flup, who died in 2019. The book tells the story of Pai Santana, masseur and iconic personality of the Rio de Janeiro teams. The director of Rebento Editora, Sérgio Pugliese, explained that the work was completed after Salles’ death, as a way of honoring one of his passions.

“He had told me about the book, which already had several interviews done. But there are these things of fate and Ecio left unexpectedly. Afterwards I talked to Dani, his wife, and she gave me the files thinking the book was ready and the book was only half done. But as Ecio was a director, we said ‘this book is going to come out anyway!’ And then I asked the university students for help, right? And it’s here, finished, with the researchers, and we’re celebrating another project he completed”.

The debate tables were named Quilombo do Lima, in reference to Lima Barreto, the author honored in this edition on the centenary of his death. There is also a musical program and the exhibition Listening to Affections by a Museum of Sorority.

poetry battle

Another highlight of Flup’s programming are the Slam BR competitions, the biggest national spoken poetry event, which traditionally takes place in São Paulo. In the dispute, artists from various parts of the country are presented, who create rhymes on different themes. The opening of Slam Br will be on Tuesday (6), at 7 pm, followed by the first qualifying rounds. The final will be on Friday (9), at 20h.

Flup will also host, on Saturday (10), the final of the Slam Coalkan, the first world battle of indigenous poetry in history, which brings together poets from the three Americas, celebrating the voices of the original peoples. In addition to the final of the Slam Colegial da Maré, on Wednesday (7th) at 3 pm, and the Slam Abya Yala, nicknamed by the organization “Copa América” of poetry slam🇧🇷

Abya Yala is the historical name for the American continent in the language of the Kuna people, originally from the Sierra Nevada, in northern Colombia, who currently live on the Caribbean coast of Panama, after achieving autonomy in the region of Kuna Yala in 1930. The expression means mature land, living land or flourishing land and has been used, since 2004, as a synonym for America to build a continental feeling of unity and belonging, as well as the decolonization of thought.


As the first activity of this stage of Flup, the Listening Day was held today (4th) at the Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR). According to the creator of the event, feminist, journalist, environmentalist and deputy mayor of Paris Audrey Pulvar, the objective is to be a space for non-judgmental listening and acceptance of women victims of violence.

“Every day, forever, victims or survivors of sexual and gender-based violence speak out. Be it for a parent, a loved one, a colleague, a teacher, a priest, a policeman, a journalist… Be it with words, drawings, assuming risky behaviors, promoting self-mutilation, falling into bouts of depression or misleading attitudes of overcompensation. Every day, victims speak out, but they are not heard. Therefore, the event goes beyond speech. It is necessary to release the listening”, said Audrey.

The debate tables had the participation of costume designer Su Tonani, who denounced the sexual harassment suffered on Rede Globo, social worker Rafa Albergaria, the first transsexual deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro and screenwriter Dani Balbi and director Paula Sacchetta, showing your documentary We need to talk about harassment🇧🇷

The complete schedule is on this website. Flup will have a space with a big screen for the live transmission of the next games of Brazil in the World Cup, this Monday (5) and, if the Brazilian team beats South Korea in the round of 16 match, also on Friday -Friday (9).

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News