Government of São Paulo delivers reform of the Museum of Inclusion

As of December 10th, the public will have access to the new Museum of Inclusion, with the exhibition “Persons with disabilities: fights, rights and conquests”. The renovation has been delivered today (1st) by the state government after its internal facilities underwent restoration and modernization with floor replacement to facilitate the circulation of wheelchairs, replacement of tactile flooring, replacement of lighting and adaptation of the exhibition space and service spaces and studies. The works started in January. The investment was R$ 860 thousand.

“With the museum, the idea is that, from this exhibition, visitors can reflect on people with disabilities, change their vision and, above all, change their attitude towards them. We are going to see the entire history of people with disabilities over the last 40 years, covering their fight in the world and especially in Brazil, since the 1980 Constitution, when these citizens actively participated in the movement for a new Constitution. They are photographs based on the history of many activists who participated in this movement”, explained the Secretary for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Aracélia Costa.

The state government also delivered 91 accessible vans to 55 municipalities, within the scope of the Nova Frota-SP Não Para and Cidade Acessível programs. The vehicles provide safe and adequate transport for people with physical disabilities who use wheelchairs.


“The adapted vans have nine seats for passengers, three of which are exclusively for wheelchairs. [Os carros] they are equipped with a lift system for wheelchair access to the vehicle, in addition to air conditioning, fasteners and safety belts, ensuring greater mobility and comfort. The state investment was R$ 32 million”, said the secretary.

The deliveries coincide with the month in which the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated, in December 3rdand open the calendar of celebrations for the date.

“In addition to being a festive, important day, it is a day for all people to change their perspective, ensuring that people with disabilities have accessible spaces to exercise their right with dignity”, said Aracélia.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News