Revenue paid residual income tax refund batch

The IRS pays today (30) the residual lot of refund of the Individual Income Tax (IRPF) for the month of November 2022. Bank credit for 556,685 taxpayers adds up to R$ 1.2 billion. Of this total, R$ 607.9 million refer to the number of taxpayers who have legal priority, of which 15,889 are elderly taxpayers over 80 years old, 115,654 between 60 and 79 years old, 10,306 with some physical or mental disability or serious illness and 47,774 whose major source of income is teaching. A further 367,062 non-priority projects were awarded.

To find out if the refund is available, the taxpayer must access the Revenue page on the internet, click on My Income Tax and then on Consult the Restitution.

The page presents guidelines and channels for providing the service, allowing a simplified or complete consultation of the status of the declaration, through the processing statement, accessed in the e-CAC. If you identify any pending items in the declaration, the taxpayer can rectify the declaration, correcting the information that may be wrong.

The Revenue also makes available an application for tablets and smartphoneswhich makes it possible to consult directly in its bases information on the release of IRPF refunds and the registration status of an enrollment in the Individual Taxpayer Registry – CPF.


Payment of the refund is made to the bank account informed in the Income Tax Declaration, directly or by indication of a PIX key. If, for some reason, the credit is not carried out (for example, the account informed has been deactivated), the amounts will be available for redemption for up to one year at Banco do Brazil.

In this case, the citizen will be able to reschedule the credit of the values ​​in a simple and quick way through the BB Portal, or by calling the BB Relationship Center through the telephones 4004-0001 (capital cities), 0800 729 0001 (other locations) and 0800 729 0088 (special exclusive telephone for the hearing impaired).

If the taxpayer does not redeem the value of his refund within the prescribed period, he must request it through the e-CAC Portal, available on the Federal Revenue website, accessing the menu Declarations and Demonstrations My Tax Income and clicking on “Request refund not redeemed on banking network”.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News